Conference 2019: Canmore AB, Session Agenda

May 28

6ish – self-directed dinner
9:00 pm – High Altitude Hospitality

DAY 1 – May 29

8:30 am – Breakfast

9:00 am – Opening
Best practice activity – facilitator-led activity

Star the conference off right as we re-connect with colleagues from across the country.
How can we help each other? Do you need support or advice on anything going on in your classes or at your schools? Bring your questions and queries for discussion.

10:30 am – Session 1 – Keynote
Dr. Mirjam Knapik – Mental Health; it’s not just for students.

Dealing with increased mental health issues in the classroom can take its toll on teachers. Dr. Knapik will explore the boundaries between students and teachers and how we can support students while being mindful about our own wellness.
11:30 – Discussion and reflection on session 1

Noon – Lunch

1:00pm – Session 2
Teacher Identity- From Industry to Education – Dr. Miriam Carey – MRU

You’ve been a media professional and somehow your path led to the front of the classroom.
Did you experience an identity crisis going from being a practitioner to an educator? Dr. Carey will take us on a journey of discovery about making these types of big career changes and some of the issues that arise when reframing identity.

2:00 – Discussion and reflection on session 2

2:30pm – Session 3
Decolonization in the schools and the classroom – TBA

3:30 – Discussion and reflection on session 3

4:00pm – Self-directed activity

Brewery tour, Hiking, Spa, Napping

9:00pm – High Altitude Hospitality

DAY 2- May 30

8:30 am – Breakfast

9:00 am – Session 4
Do I need more education? – Panel Discussion ( Dan Pihlainen Chair, Algonguin College and guests)

Media professionals have traditionally only needed a diploma in their chosen field and for some going way back, all you needed was passion and drive.
In some schools the pressure may be mounting to gain further educational credentials for various reasons. The panel will explore reasons you may want to go back to school and discuss some of the pros and cons of the teacher becoming a student.

10:00 – Discussion and reflection on session 4

10:30 am – Session 5
Technology in Media Education:  Improving recruitment, retention, engagement and outcomes with today’s content creation tools and technology

Kerry Corlett and guests discuss how new products are impacting media education and what we as educators can do to keep up. Featuring Avid Technologies, Unity, Autodesk, and Lenovo. 

11:30 – Discussion and reflection on session 5

Noon – Lunch

1:00pm – Session 6
Setting them up for success – Conan Daly – Work Term Placement Specialist MRU

What are the challenges with work terms for media students? This topic includes the debate about paid vs unpaid work terms. What length are media work terms and practicums and how does that impact the student experience. We’ll explore questions such as; What does industry expect and how can we ensure it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement?

2:00 – Discussion and reflection on session 6

2:30 pm – Vendor Showcase / Silent Auction

3:30 pm – Bar Opens

4:00 pm – Live Auction

5:30-ish – Dinner (self-directed)

9:00 pm – High Altitude Hospitality

DAY 3- May 31

8:30 am – AGM Breakfast

9:30 am – Session 7
Creatively Assessing Creators – John Mills – Instructional Development Consultant- BCIT

Details TBA

10:30 – Discussion and reflection on session 7

11:00 am – Session 8
Best practice session activity

Noon – Lunch

1:00 pm – Session 9
Defining Success – Tales from the Classroom

  • This facilitated best practice session will focus on the learning that happens when things like class, assignments or activities don’t go the way we wanted or expected them to go.
  • Students learning from their mistakes – how do students handle the discomfort of failure.
  • Bring your thoughts and ideas to share and discuss

2:00 – Discussion and reflection on session 9

2:30 pm – Nature Break

5:30 pm – Cocktails

6:00 pm – Student Awards Dinner

7:00 pm – Student Awards Ceremony

9:00 pm – High Altitude Hospitality